November 21, 2018

BoardEffect Launches Nonprofit Laws Report

In March 2012, BoardEffect published a research report titled “U.S. Laws Governing Nonprofit Boards and Electronic Voting.”  The intent was to determine and demystify the legal parameters within which a board could use board portal technology to manage its voting procedures.  And it was a huge hit; more than four years later, we continue to see surprisingly widespread usage of the report.

Last week, in response to this sustained demand and to a sharp rise in related questions that have accompanied increasing adoption of board portals, BoardEffect updated and greatly expanded that report.  In addition to online voting, the June 2016 version of “Nonprofit Laws: Board Rules and Regulations” addresses such topics as quorum, term limits, conflict of interest and many others.  The report encompasses thirteen topic areas, clearly an important advancement to the original voting study.  But expanded substance is only one of the report’s improvements.  Arguably, the report’s most innovative enhancement relates to its form and format; and the purpose of this post it to explain how best to take advantage of it.

Consent Agenda For A Nonprofit Board
November 7, 2018

Consent Agenda for a Nonprofit Board

If your nonprofit board wants to maximize your board meeting time as much as possible, one way to create efficiency is to begin utilizing a consent agenda. Some boards prefer to call it a consent calendar. According to best practices…