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Building A Data Governance Framework Enables Better Board Decision-making
July 29, 2019

Data Governance Framework for Boards

Most companies have sort of a fragmented, haphazard way of gathering and storing data. It’s not uncommon for companies to take a siloed approach to obtaining data, with each department gathering data on its own and designing its own rules…

Using A Board Self-evaluation Sample Gives Board A Structure For Self-evaluations
July 26, 2019

Board Self-Evaluation Sample

Board self-evaluations are of interest to more than just the board directors. Investors, stakeholders and regulators are also looking for assurance that boards are committed to enhancing their own effectiveness. Board self-evaluations help to shape governance principles. Most recently, some…

Board Portals Provide Many Benefits For Nonprofits That Help Them Fulfill Their Mission And Increase Donations
July 24, 2019

The Benefits of Board Portals for Nonprofits

Efficiency is a key component of nonprofit board meetings. Donors and constituents expect nonprofits to organize themselves well and to do their work as efficiently as possible. Most nonprofit board directors also consider efficiency to be a key component of…

Nonprofit Policies And Procedures Ensure That Organizations Maintain A Positive Reputation
July 22, 2019

Nonprofit Policies and Procedures

As new board directors get indoctrinated into their positions, they quickly see how much a nonprofit board of directors handles. The wealth of policies and procedures alone provides many hours of reading material. The benefit of having clear and accessible…

Applying The Right Steps To Board Recruitment Helps Boards Improve Effectiveness Overall
July 19, 2019

Seven Steps to Better Board Recruitment

Nonprofit executives often lament their boards’ limited engagement. Recognizing that volunteer board members will prioritize professional and personal obligations first, they accept whatever investment busy board members can make. When I heard a nonprofit leader recently acknowledge a disconnect between…

July 17, 2019

Managing IT Risks for Nonprofit Boards

For nonprofit boards that don’t have information technology (IT) expertise on their boards, it can be like a foreign concept. Since some nonprofit boards simply don’t understand IT and all the issues that go along with it, they don’t typically…

Get The Best Practices For How To Take Minutes At A Board Meeting
July 15, 2019

How to Take Minutes at a Board Meeting

Taking good meeting minutes at a board meeting is an important and fulfilling role. Board meeting minutes are more than a general accounting of board discussions; they serve as an official and legal record of the meeting of the Board…

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