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Following A Board Effectiveness Checklist Helps College Boards Better Fulfill Their Responsibilities
November 11, 2019

College Board Effectiveness Checklist

Just as boards expect students to reach their fullest potential with the education the college provides, board members also need to strive to perform at their peak in overseeing the institution. The role of board members in higher education has…

Using A Corporate Resolution Template Helps The Board Move The Process Along Effectively
November 8, 2019

Template for a Corporate Resolution

When a board resolves to do something or say something that they want to have memorialized in writing, they write up a corporate resolution in the proper format and vote to approve it. Boards often use a corporate resolution as…

Using A Cybersecurity Strategy Template Helps College Boards Establish Strong Security Practices
November 1, 2019

Cybersecurity Strategy Template for College Boards

Every college and university should have a cybersecurity strategy, regardless of the size of the school. Cybersecurity is a sustainable program of processes and controls that are interdependent. To be effective, a cybersecurity strategy should include specific components. It’s helpful…

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