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BoardEffect guides institutions of higher education toward governance best practices.

College and university executives, administrators and trustees have long relied on BoardEffect to improve board management and streamline secure communications.

The stakes are high for protecting your school board’s most sensitive information. BoardEffect can help – with customers across the globe ranging from large public research institutions to small private colleges, we’ve developed our product over the past 10 years with security top of mind, to support the especially dynamic, nuanced, critically important work of hundreds of higher education governing bodies.

With BoardEffect, your institution can:

  • Enhance efficiency for board and staff
  • Provide security and control for important content
  • Ensure board member engagement
  • Document all governance activity
  • Demonstrate a commitment to governance best practices

Board Portal Features that Empower Users While Maintaining Admin Control

Make meetings more efficient, effective and engaging with BoardEffect’s comprehensive suite of tools.

We have tailored our product to the specific needs of higher education governing bodies to streamline and improve your governance process.

BoardEffect’s broad range of intuitive and collaborative features allows for easy and elegant management of board and committee information, while also enabling board and committee members to be more engaged in meetings and more focused on achieving goals. We help make your meetings more efficient, effective and engaging for everyone.

A Feature-Rich, Easy-to-Use Platform for Board Members and Administrators

  • Online meeting books
  • Secure workrooms
  • Dynamic agenda management
  • Surveys and polls
  • Full annotation capabilities
  • Electronic signatures
  • Single sign-on integration
  • Task management
  • Calendar integration
  • Attendance tracking and RSVPs
  • Mobile apps with online access
  • User directories
  • Newsfeeds

Trusted, User-Friendly Technology for Today and Tommorrow

Today and looking into the future, it’s crucial for higher education boards to ensure that the solutions they deploy will help them improve governance so they can better focus on the organization’s mission. As a leader in online governance for over 10 years, BoardEffect delights users on the go and behind the scenes.

Trustees and board members are able to work anytime, with features similar to smartphone and tablet applications in their everyday lives. For administrators, every feature is designed to engender ease, efficiency and confidence.

As the only board portal platform built on API infrastructure, BoardEffect integrates with other mission-critical systems, so board activities easily connect with fundraising, recruitment, strategic planning and more.

Our commitment to state-of-the-art security means you can feel confident that student information and other sensitive data is protected, while essential information is readily available for audits and reporting.

Exclusively for BoardEffect Higher Education Customers:

  • Mitigate the risk of data breaches and collaborate securely:
    • Minutes: Meeting Efficiency – Minutes enables you to take meeting minutes more efficiently and securely, and to design action items easily.
    • Messenger: Secure Communication – Messenger is a secure communication tool that’s quick to install and easy to learn.
Diligent Minutes

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“BoardEffect is designed from the user’s point of view, it’s chock-full of useful features that other board portals don’t have, and the BE team is highly responsive to user suggestions.”

Jennifer Ward, Liaison to the Board of Trustees | University of North Carolina at Charlotte


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