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BoardEffect is trusted by over 3,500+ boards, 40,000+ Boards & Committees and 200,000+ users.

Washington, D.C.

1111 19th Street NW, 9th Floor

Washington, D.C. 20006
(202) 750-8260

New York, NY

111 West 33rd St., 16th Floor
New York, NY 10120
(212) 741-8181


Suite 01, Level 46
MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000

Sales: +61 2 9373 9650
Support: 1300 731 253 (Local only)

United Kingdom

1 Strand Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5HR

Anglo City House  2-6 Shirley Road Southampton S015 3EU

+44 (0)20 7147 4580

Need technical help?

(866) 672-2666 x1

“BoardEffect is really intuitive – not overwhelming – but what creates additional engagement by the board members is their ability to access not only board meeting materials in “real time” but also supporting documents that are all located in one easy-to-use tool. They are also pleased with the increased efficiency gained from my office that allowed for a decrease in board preparation from 8 to 16 hours per month to 30 minutes to one hour.”

Kelli Ockinga

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, Mary Lanning HealthCare

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