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You Can Invigorate Board Meetings With Several Easy Steps To Bolster Engagement And Productivity
February 13, 2020

5 Ways to Invigorate Board Meetings

When most people think about a board meeting, they don’t necessarily equate it with excitement, motivation, or inspiration. In fact, they’re more likely to equate it with heavy winded speeches, complicated reports, and long, boring meetings. You don’t have to…

Understanding The Role Of The Board Of Advisors Vs. The Board Of Directors Helps Boards Decide How To Be The Most Effective
February 12, 2020

Board of Advisors Vs. Board of Directors

Regardless of the type of organization, businesses need a wide range of expertise to achieve their missions and remain sustainable. Having access to a full range of advice can help an organization grow and surpass its competitors and increase the…

Choosing The Right Board Software For Nonprofits Is Key To Long-term Success
February 7, 2020

Board Software for Nonprofits: Pros and Cons

In many ways, nonprofits operate much like corporate boards, but there are some important differences. Nonprofits have unique compliance rules and other operating rules. One of the ways that they’re similar is that nonprofit board directors are under just as…

Using Governance Strategy Examples Helps Organizations Determine What Works Best For Their Board Members
January 29, 2020

Governance Strategy Examples

Businesses and other organizations have an overall governance corresponding strategy. There can be different types of sub-governance frameworks within a main governance strategy. For example, IT governance falls within corporate and nonprofit governance, but it has its own structure. Governance…

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