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The Best Characteristics For Successful Board Relationships Involve Maintaining Productivity Both Individually And Collectively
May 20, 2019

10 Characteristics of Successful Board Relationships

The duties and responsibilities of board directors are more complex and difficult than ever before. Serving on a board of directors requires complex oversight, transparency and accountability. Technology has become a friend to boards of directors because it solves many…

Board Self-assessments Are Extremely Important For Board Members To Hold Themselves Accountable And Continually Improve Performance
May 13, 2019

Why Should Boards Conduct Board Self-Assessments?

In a nutshell, boards should conduct board self-assessments because it’s considered a best practice. Whether it’s a public board, private board or nonprofit board, all board members are accountable to those they serve and it’s important for them to do…

Startup Business Owners Who Invest In Board Portal Software Can Gain More Support From Venture Capitalists
May 10, 2019

How Does Venture Funding Work for Startups?

Most people pursue funding for startups by looking for resources that are closest to them. Typically, this means asking family and friends for small investments. Those who still need additional funds may turn next to angel investors, high-net-worth individuals who…

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