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Applying The Right Steps To Board Recruitment Helps Boards Improve Effectiveness Overall
July 19, 2019

Seven Steps to Better Board Recruitment

Nonprofit executives often lament their boards’ limited engagement. Recognizing that volunteer board members will prioritize professional and personal obligations first, they accept whatever investment busy board members can make. When I heard a nonprofit leader recently acknowledge a disconnect between…

July 17, 2019

Managing IT Risks for Nonprofit Boards

For nonprofit boards that don’t have information technology (IT) expertise on their boards, it can be like a foreign concept. Since some nonprofit boards simply don’t understand IT and all the issues that go along with it, they don’t typically…

A CEO Assessment Tool Helps Boards Identify Areas Of Improvement Within Senior Leadership
July 5, 2019

The Benefits of a CEO Assessment Tool

As the highest-ranking executive in the company, the CEO has many important responsibilities. The CEO makes most major corporate decisions. In addition, the CEO manages the overall operations and company resources, manages risks, and serves as the primary liaison for…

Following Board Orientation Best Practices Ensures That Board Directors Are Able To Fulfill Their Duties Effectively
July 3, 2019

Board Orientation Best Practices

Some board members attend their first board meeting knowing pretty much what to expect. Even experienced board directors benefit by having the opportunity to attend a well-prepared, well-organized board orientation session. A board orientation is even more important for inexperienced…

Setting A Policy For Board Governance Is A Critical Aspect Of Board Work
July 1, 2019

Board Governance Policy Template

Good governance encompasses an array of issues. When corporate and organizational issues are going well, we tend to give credit to good governance practices. On the flip side, we also tend to blame poor governance practices when companies and organizations…

Governance Is A Critical Aspect Of Board Work For Boards Of Healthcare Institutions
June 28, 2019

The Role of Governance in Healthcare Organizations

Governance is a framework that accounts for all the processes of governing organizations and businesses. It’s a structure that holds boards and leaders accountable for continuously improving operations, clinical staff and processes, society and financial performance. A healthcare board of…

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