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ESG Is Important For Nonprofit Boards To Consider As They Improve Governance Practices
September 21, 2020

ESG and Nonprofit Boards

ESG, or environmental, social, and governance, is an issue that’s making big waves, and ESG for nonprofits is getting its share of attention as well. Society’s emphasis on preserving the environment is having an impact on virtually all types of…

Using A Sample Board Diversity Policy Is A Great Place To Start For Board Directors
September 16, 2020

Sample Board Diversity Policy

Your board’s commitment to creating a board diversity policy is such an important task that you’ll want to get it right. A sample board diversity policy or template can help you do that. A template for a board diversity policy…

Nonprofits Can Gain Numerous Benefits From Having Board Committees
September 7, 2020

The Benefits of Board Committees for Nonprofits

Nonprofit boards operate largely under the same rules. The rules for nonprofit board committees were intentionally designed to be broad to accommodate the wide variety of sizes and purposes of nonprofit organizations. A nonprofit’s bylaws describe the types of standing…

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