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Leveraging A Nonprofit Business Plan Template Helps Boards Better Map Out Finance And Fundraising Models
January 20, 2020

Nonprofit Business Plan Template

As technology helps nonprofit organizations to streamline processes, it calls many of the longstanding processes into question. Large donors will almost always ask nonprofits for a copy of their business plan because they want to know what nonprofits are doing…

Nonprofits Have Many Advantages To Gain From Adopting Technology
January 17, 2020

The Advantages of Technology for Nonprofits

In many ways, nonprofit organizations have disadvantages in comparison with for-profit corporations. They often lack operating funds, which makes it challenging to perform the work that their mission requires. By making the best use of technology, nonprofit organizations can actually…

Digital Governance Best Practices Are Necessary For Highly Regulated Organizations
January 15, 2020

Digital Governance Best Practices

Depending on the average age of the board directors and senior executives, organizations may have top corporate leadership teams that are primarily digital conservatives. Best practices for digital governance are just beginning to evolve and boards that lack the necessary…

Risk Management Issues In Healthcare Can Be Better Monitored With The Right Technology
January 10, 2020

Risk Management Issues in Healthcare

It seems that the healthcare industry gets more complex every year. That’s a good reason in and of itself for key stakeholders to expect healthcare providers to be as transparent as possible. Stakeholders still have much concern about the nature…

Board Members Must Remain Aware Of Common Ethical Issues For The Nonprofit Organizations They Serve
January 3, 2020

Ethical Issues for Nonprofit Organizations

Would you agree that as long as something is legal, it’s also ethical and acceptable to you? Unfortunately, words and actions aren’t so black and white, especially when it comes to nonprofit organizations. Ethics is an important topic that individuals,…

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