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BoardEffect is committed to providing quality resources to keep you up-to-date on the latest issues, trends and best practices in board management and governance. Below are our webinar event offerings! Sign up for free or watch old events on-demand.


Beyond the Boardroom: How Healthcare Systems are leveraging BoardEffect across their organizations

Join us as we (virtually) sit down with Brian Uy, Solution Architect at MemorialCare Health System, to discuss how his organization has been getting the most out of BoardEffect throughout the pandemic and their plans looking forward.

Cyber-Security in the Boardroom

With cyber-security as daily headline news, we all know this is not just an issue for IT staff. Board members play a crucial role in setting policy, following good cyber practices, and ensuring that resources are sufficient to support cybersecurity operations. Get the information you need to be a cyber-savvy director.


Bank on Security: How Credit Unions are Leveraging BoardEffect Tools

Twin Star Credit Union and Conexus Credit Union join us to discuss the the benefits and pitfalls of technology, especially when it comes to highly secure industries such as financial services.

Tips & Tools for Building a Diverse Board Virtually

Your non-profit board has committed to becoming more diverse, and is working hard to recruit and onboard new candidates. Stacey Woodland, CEO of YWCA Tri-County Area, joins us to discuss ways to harness digital tools to help you do this critical work.

Best Practices for Virtual Board Meetings During COVID-19

Human Rights Campaign’s Mitch Johnson joins us as we discuss how to successfully conduct online meetings for your organization’s board – while maintaining good governance. In the webinar, we will discuss best practices for online meetings.


Five Ways to Streamline Healthcare Governance

Join BoardEffect and former American Hospital Association Vice President of Trustee Services, for a discussion about useful strategies, tips and tools to streamline your governance processes and foster greater board engagement.


Top 5 Governance Issues Facing Nonprofits for 2019

A commitment to using the best practices around good governance can improve board leadership, benefiting the organization’s stakeholders. In this session we will dive into the top 5 governance challenges for 2019 and how to solve for them along with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.


The Pivotal Role of the Nonprofit Board Chair

In this webinar, Anne Wallestad, CEO of BoardSource, and Vernetta Walker, BoardSource’s Chief Governance Officer and Vice President of Programs will delve into the findings from Boardsource’s Leading with Intent study and share tips for creating a partnership with the executive and helping develop a strong board culture.


How To Address Your Nonprofit’s Board Diversity

Earlier in this webinar series, we looked into the findings from BoardSource’s 2017 report Leading with Intent, which highlighted that not only has board diversity declined, but that this is unlikely to change given that boards aren’t prioritizing demographics when recruiting even after nonprofits express dissatisfaction with their boards’ diversity.  In Part 2, we will dive into questions raised from that earlier session.

Stop the Revolving Door: CEO Succession Planning

Dottie Schindlinger moderates this 30-minute webinar interview with Dr. Kenneth Cohen and Mr. Ken Hanover of The Synergy Organization on evidenced-based models for CEO succession planning in hospitals and healthcare institutions.


Best Practices for Board Evaluations

Annual board self-evaluations have long been considered a best practice, with the idea that measuring board performance leads to continuous improvement in governance. In this webinar we discuss issues such as common flaws in board evaluation requirements issued by regulators and how most board evaluation processes impede change.


Understanding Programs: A Great Unrecognized Correlate to Board Excellence

In this webinar, we’ll delve into the findings from Leading with Intent to illustrate what you lose when your board fundamentally doesn’t understand the organization’s programs. We’ll share practical advice and guidance for how to provide members with ongoing opportunities to understand the organization’s mission and work. 

Not Your Father’s Board Meeting- Tips for Structuring Must Attend Meetings

Are you frustrated by your directors’ lack of preparation for the meeting? Join BoardEffect and Terrie Temkin, Ph.D., Principal of CoreStrategies for Nonprofits to explore tools, tips, and technology designed to help your board work more efficiently and effectively.


Top Pitfalls of Open Meeting Law: What your Charter School Board Needs to Know!

Join us for this introductory webinar featuring John Cairns Law and Beth Finch, founder of CharterSource, to explore common misconceptions of Open Meeting Law and how to help your board work more efficiently.


Is Your Board Structured for Impact?

Join Anne Wallestad, BoardSource’s CEO, Vernetta Walker, BoardSource’s Chief Governance Officer and VP of Programs, and Dr. David Renz, Director of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Missouri-Kansas City to learn about the factors you should consider to determine the ideal size and structure for your board to advance your organization’s mission. 

How to Get Your Board "Onboard" and Aligned

Your board members are an extension of your organization, and just like you and your team, they are best equipped to support and propel your mission forward when they are strategically aligned. However, this can often be easier said than done, which is why Plenty and BoardEffect have joined forces to guide you through this critical, and sometimes complex process. Join our teams for an exclusive webinar on how to create alignment with and within your board.


The Completely Revised Guide to Great Board Recruitment

Recruiting board members for many nonprofits is an exercise lacking not only in vision but in common sense. Nonprofits have been sold something of a bill of goods when it comes to board recruitment and this results in some all too familiar problems that repeat not only in the sector overall but in the same organizations over and over again. Join Vernetta Walker, VP of programs and Chief Governance Officer for BoardSource and Anasuya Sengupta, NPQ Board Member.


Generating Better Board Decisions

Join us for this brief webinar designed to help your board think differently. This session provides you with an overview of ways to re-frame problems and consider issues from multiple perspectives simultaneously as well as opportunities for robust discussion in board meetings – allowing space for board members to be curious, intrigued, and highly engaged.


What is Board Engagement Anyway (and how do we get more of it)?

Board engagement is a term often used but rarely defined. Yet, building a highly engaged board is essential to the vitality of any board and organization. Join Charles Dahan, an expert in helping organizations define and maximize engagement, will teach attendees how to quantify board engagement as well as how to use three strategies to increase member engagement.


Other Resources

“BoardEffect has been a key driver in regards to the execution of our strategic plan which was accomplished quickly and efficiently. BoardEffect is a real boost to our governance processes.”

John Janclaes

President/CEO of Partners FCU

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