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Board Meeting Software

BoardEffect delivers a complete board management solution that enables leaders and administrators to effectively prepare, collaborate and review board materials through a secure environment saving them time and resources to focus on their mission. 


Online Board Books

From creating a board book to in our intuitive book builder to annotating board meeting materials on your mobile device, our online board books keep up with your board’s busy lifestyle. Inevitable last minute additions and changes can be pushed instantly to the board so they always have access to the most up to date materials available.

Board Portal - Board Meeting Software - Nonprofit Board Portal Example
Board Meeting Software: board scheduling


Choose a date for an upcoming board meeting or ad hoc gathering using the scheduler. Board members respond with the click of a button so you can optimize attendance at your event all within BoardEffect.



Approve board meeting minutes, policies, and other important documents using the approvals tool. Board members can review documents, make comments, and sign to approve. All within BoardEffect’s easy-to-use board meeting software.

Board Meeting Software: board approvals
Board Meeting Software: meeting minutes


Using the task tool, board members can set reminders for themselves to accomplish specific tasks and check the box once they’ve done so. BoardEffect administrators can also assign tasks and send reminders to help board members and executives stay on track.



Board books are available in perpetuity, as long as you want them to be, through the archives. A clean copy of the book is preserved for users to access at any time.

Board Meeting Software: board archives

Additional Benefits


Modern governance platform for administrators to streamline complex board management processes to meet their most immediate challenges while saving time and money.


Real-time communication and collaboration among members, administrators, and volunteers with complete access to agenda,  meeting minutes, board books, scheduling, approvals and archives anywhere, anytime on any device.


Multi-layered defense to protect sensitive board information through our comprehensive security program coupled with our state-of-the-art dedicated SOC2 certified infrastructure.

“We feel really confident with BoardEffect when we’re sending information to the board that they ’re able to retrieve it easily, but that it’s also a secure process.”

Debbie B.

Director of Board and Government Relations, Midwestern State University

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