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Building BoardEffect Together – Coming Soon: BoardEffect Libraries!

At BoardEffect, we’re continually enhancing the product and refining features that elevate board performance.  These enhancement ideas come from many sources, but most frequently they come directly from conversations with clients using the platform.  This month, we highlight some new functionality that came directly from client feedback.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of new functionality that came directly from client feedback which will transform the “Workroom Files” and “Browse Files” areas of the platform.

Soon, you and your members will be able to access Meeting Books and Handbooks not just through the “Workroom Files” area of the platform, but also in “Browse Files,” which will be renamed “Libraries.” This will allow easier access to all Books and Files, no matter how they are created or where they are stored in BoardEffect.

Our approach with this enhancement was directly informed by conversations with clients who wanted more intuitive labeling of “Browse Files” and additional navigation options within the section.  We’ve addressed this feedback with the release of “Libraries” and we hope you’ll enjoy using the new options to access meeting books within the section.

Other recent releases informed by client feedback include the addition of contextual help to the mobile apps, new permission options when restricting meeting book downloads, and numerous UI refinements that make the platform easier to use. These were informed through conversations with administrators, board members, and the greater BoardEffect community.

We hope that you continue to share your experience using BoardEffect and keep the ideas and feedback coming.

Stay tuned for updates on the introduction of BoardEffect Libraries, including email announcements and webinar demonstrations when the new features go live.

Matthew Bryan

Matthew Bryan is the Product Owner at BoardEffect. He works directly with end-users, senior management, customers, partners and other stakeholders to synthesize and define the technology needs of the organization and establish strategic goals for BoardEffect a SaaS platform for Boards of Directors. This role works closely with developers, using an agile process to quickly and effectively deliver high-value business solutions.

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