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BoardEffect offers all the board portal features you need for managing board materials from the most basic features of online board books and event scheduling to the more robust like collaboration tools and reporting.

Features include:

  • Online Board Books
  • Event Scheduling
  • Surveys
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Reporting
  • And more!

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Board governance is oriented around a regular board meeting cycle that can be quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, or sporadic in its timing. BoardEffect’s board portal software helps you prepare for and hold the meeting as well as manage follow-up and follow through activities post meeting.

  • Online board books
  • Scheduling
  • Approvals
  • Tasks
  • Archives


A large number of board member responsibilities are annual in nature and carried-out over the course of a yearly cycle. From policy & compliance, budget & audit, appointments and elections, to work plans and evaluations, BoardEffect supports your annual strategic responsibilities simply and elegantly.

  • Surveys
  • Board policy handbooks
  • New board member orientation tools


Board of directors typically proceed through a development and engagement cycle, lasting 3-5 years. This tracks with the length of a single board member’s term, and ensures the board’s sustainability and continuity over time. Easily manage recruitment, nominations, on-boarding, and board education with BoardEffect to cultivate a high-performing board.

  • Ad hoc groups
  • Collaboration tools
  • Board education
  • Profiles

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