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About We Care

Due to the pandemic, mission-driven organizations are facing reduced revenues and funding, added emergency responsibilities, and increased operating costs. With the sudden shift to remote work, it has become clear that organizations need to embrace a digital transformation sooner than expected. Mission-driven organizations have found themselves in need of additional support to adapt to the new normal – including virtual city council meetings, increased transparency and communication from school boards and districts, and online non-profit board meetings.

Increasing transparency is a hallmark of board portals. Organizations, hard hit by pandemic related expenses, still seek to communicate effectively with stakeholders while keeping community members and employees safe and informed.

This grant award of $1000, used to offset the implementation costs of a Diligent contract, is available to any government, education or registered non-profit organization if they apply by December 15, 2020.

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Do I Qualify?

Is your organization a registered nonprofit or a higher education institution?
Great! You qualify!

Now What?

Fill out the form on this page by December 15th to request a demo and officially apply for the We CARE Grant.


Receive $1000 towards the implementation fee of your BoardEffect contract.

At Diligent, we feel a responsibility to help mission-driven organizations by equipping them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Through the ‘We Care Grant Program,’ we hope to provide some much-needed support in fast-tracking digital transformation for these organizations around the world.



Board evaluations are a key component of success for nonprofit boards

“With the on-going pandemic and the move to virtual board meetings, we were looking for an affordable solution that would help us better manage our board meetings, improve our board member’s experience, and enhance security over the materials we were sending via email. After looking at what was available, we selected BoardEffect as the best solution for us.”

Ron Ekstrand
CEO, Easterseals Arkansas

There is a difference between strategic and operational management that boards should pay mind to

“Our Board of Directors relies on BoardEffect for everything, all our content is easily accessible in one place. Due to the recent pandemic we have gone 100% virtual and we could not have done so without BoardEffect.”

Faith Chambers
Executive Assistant, Merck Employees Federal Credit Union

Video conference etiquette is important as virtual meetings continue

“We have used BoardEffect for a few years now, but we were especially grateful for the product during the pandemic this year. All board members could access the board information easily and quickly. If we had to have an emergency meeting, we were able to gather and create a board book without difficulty.”

Nonprofit Administrator

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