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Board Management Solutions: How Secure is Secure?

Cybersecurity presents real risks to a mission-driven organization’s ability to carry out its mission and serve its clients. It is imperative that your board management platform is held to the highest security standards as it is used to collect and share sensitive information.

There are many board management platforms that claim to provide secure solutions, but how can you ensure that you are asking the right questions, using the right tools, and protecting your most valuable assets?

This whitepaper outlines solutions related to boardroom cybersecurity and how to successfully protect your information against cyber threats.

What’s Inside?

  • Why security is critical in your Board Management Solution
  • What questions your organization should be asking about your own security program and standards
  • What is the Gartner Care Standard for Cybersecurity?
  • Why other not-for-profit Board Management platforms may not be as secure as they claim
  • How to successfully choose a board management solution such as BoardEffect despite resource and time constraints.

Download this white paper to get the latest insights on cybersecurity and learn how your organization can protect its valuable data.

“BoardEffect is not just a piece of software we’ll use only a couple of times per year… we aim to create new processes.”

Becky Wolf

Director of Finance, Draper Holdings

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