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Project Management Applications Like Basecamp Were Not Designed With The Work Of Boards In Mind And Do Not Have The Necessary Security Measures That Boards Require

Leveraging Basecamp Alternatives for Secure Board Management

The boards of private companies have a lot of moving pieces. Strategic plans can be lengthy, with lots of committees working on lots of projects at once. When everyone does what they need to do, the company enjoys the fruits of their labor and everyone profits from that.

Technology has advanced to a point that there are numerous digital apps to help boards streamline processes, improve the workflow and increase efficiency. There are so many products out there that it can be confusing to put just the right set of digital tools together to perform exactly the right functions and still keep a tight handle on cybersecurity issues. Can having too many apps be a bad thing, even if they all perform necessary or desirable functions?

Many of the apps, especially project management apps like Basecamp, have combined several functions into one app to make things a bit easier for users. However, it’s not really as simple as all that. By mixing and matching various applications using different platforms, important information can easily get lost. More importantly, board responsibilities entail highly important and sensitive documents and processes. Apps that were designed for various other business purposes weren’t designed to provide the integrity and security that digital tools and applications that were specifically designed to support all aspects of good corporate governance were designed to do.

As always, budgeting is a big concern for private companies that need to make every investment dollar count. It’s crucial to make wise investments in software solutions that work for private companies now and in the coming years.

Do Basecamp Alternatives Meet Project and Governance Needs?

In their various capacities as board directors, board chairs, committee chairs or committee members, board directors use many different digital tools for communication and collaboration. It’s helpful to have a way to RSVP to a meeting with just a click or add an important meeting or event to your electronic calendar. Processes like online voting and online surveys speed things up and help boards get their results faster. With the help of electronic signatures, board directors barely need to pick up a pen anymore.

Beyond the obvious administrative applications, board directors work with documents and processes that are of a legal or compliance nature. These documents require a degree of confidentiality and special handling. Applications that were designed for project management use, such as Basecamp, weren’t designed with the necessary security measures and granular permission access that’s available with a board management software solution like BoardEffect.

Viruses Can Spread Through Interconnectivity of Applications

The more applications and electronic devices that boards use, the greater the chance that the board’s work could be jeopardized by malware or a dangerous virus. Board directors need to be aware that viruses can enter enterprise networks through iOS devices or other electronic devices and attack corporate data and devices. Boards need a way to protect their data, no matter where it is.

Apple devices have essentially prevented iOS virus attacks. Apple puts all their apps through a substantial vetting process that’s designed to filter out malware. The only source for apps is the Apple Store, which aids in preventing the spread of malware. All Apple apps operate independently from other cell phone apps, so there’s no chance of spreading viruses.

While it all sounds pretty perfect and flawless, safety and security from apps don’t even extend beyond Apple’s reach. Certain apps let users import files to their devices and apps can also allow users to download attachments that may not be safe. The virus won’t be able to infect other apps on an iOS, but for devices that are connected to corporate networks, malware can attack other connected computers and devices. Anti-virus software protection isn’t always effective, and it doesn’t always run automatically or often enough to offer complete protection.

BoardEffect Board Management Software Solution as a Basecamp Alternative

Why craft various digital programs together when you can use one highly secure platform as a Basecamp alternative? BoardEffect offers a board governance system with a built-in, state-of-the-art security system. Since all applications and functions are fully integrated into the platform, they all share the same, tight security. Malware and viruses aren’t able to infect the system or spread between applications.

BoardEffect’s platform allows boards to schedule meetings and RSVP for them safely online. They can also plan agendas and build board books online where everyone who needs them can access them safely in real time.

The strategic plan is the road map for all board projects. Much of a board’s work is done in committees, which means that they have multiple projects going on all the time. Everyone is using different applications. The high level of security within the platform and within the communications tool prevent viruses from infecting messages sent between board and committee members. One of the security measures is end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only the sender and the receiver can read their messages. For an added level of security, BoardEffect allows board administrators to set up granular permissions so that only authorized users can access various parts of the board portal system. With BoardEffect, unsecured emails, unsecured messaging and unsecured attachments will become a thing of the past.

The BoardEffect platform allows board directors to download sensitive documents and attachments right inside the security of the system. This feature eliminates the risks that are associated with personal computers, electronic tablets and cell phones. Files can be shared across the miles with the full protection of top-level security. The program also offers unlimited, secure, cloud-based document storage.

When working on projects to meet the goals of the strategic plan, committees may want to develop surveys. This is another function that board and committee members can accomplish right inside the board management software system. Survey administrators can set up various types of question-and-answer formats so that they can access the exact types of answers they need.

Board members can also send around drafts of financial reports, committee reports and other important information where projects need one or more rounds of electronic signatures and approvals.

Why settle for being able to access most of the applications that your board needs when you can use a Basecamp alternative like BoardEffect that has all business process apps and governance solutions under the umbrella of one, highly secure electronic platform?

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