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BoardEffect iOS Upgrade: Roll Out Checklist for Administrators

The new BoardEffect iOS app is live.  All BoardEffect users will be prompted to update the application within the Apple App store the next time they use their iPads. 

Thank you in advance for your partnership as we move through this process. Please see below for steps Top Level Administrators will need to take to ensure clear communication and a smooth transition for your Board Members.


  1. Sometime over the course the ensuing week, please send a notification to board members explaining (a) that the app is live, and (b) that they should install the update from the Apple App Store. Instructions for installing an update from the App Store may be found in the FAQs.  Important Note: Functionality will remain comparable to the previously existing app for the timebeing.  An enhanced user interface and additional features will be enabled later at the direction of administrators (Step 3, below).
  1. Over the following few weeks and before proceeding to the next step, verify that all board members have the latest version of the app installed.  Sample language for this communication is suggested below.

Hello, Board Members:

The new BoardEffect application is now live.  Please be sure to update the application when you have a moment. This will change the icon and Welcome Screen of the application.

After everyone updates the application, we will activate the new features that are available with this version.  Until that time, the app will function as it has previously.

  1. When you wish to begin using the new features and you have verified that board members have updated their app, submit a HelpDesk ticket to request that BoardEffect Support activate the “new app view.” This should be completed by March 31, 2016. Important Note: Upon activation, the user interface will be updated and functionality will be enhanced in keeping with client requests – for instance, annotations will sync between the iPad app and web-based platform!  Sample language for this communication to the HelpDesk is suggested below.

Please activate the upgraded features and functionality for the BoardEffect app for [CLIENT].  Our Board Members have been informed of the changes.

  1. When BoardEffect Support confirms the update is live, announce that the new app view is available to the Board and provide members with user guides.  Sample language for this communication is suggested below.

Hello, Board Members:

Your BoardEffect app should now have the new features and interface.  If you have questions, please contact [NAME OF ADMIN].

5. Call BoardEffect support or submit HelpDesk tickets with any ongoing questions or feedback!

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