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We’re passionate about the work of boards, which drives how we develop the BoardEffect solution. Because elevating organisational performance is what it’s all about.


BoardEffect’s board management software provides tools that support greater efficiency, consistency and trackability that helps boards execute necessary tasks.


BoardEffect provides the structure and framework, complemented by a rich resource library full of sample documents, to assist board members in transcending the meeting-to-meeting responsibilities and move along a path of elevated effectiveness.


BoardEffect plays a central role in enabling collaboration among board members and informed connectivity across the board cycles.

Product Framework

Boards operate in a series of interdependent cycles, each with its own pace and components. BoardEffect’s product vision and corresponding feature roadmap are driven by boards’ interconnected responsibilities across these ongoing cycles.

Virtually every board-related need or activity occurs within at least one of these three cycles. This is how boards work; and BoardEffect helps them do it better by focusing intensely on supporting best practices within and across each cycle of this model.

Guiding Principles

The development of the BoardEffect platform is specifically guided by principles which reflect the values and character we aspire for our solution to embody. These concepts work in concert with each other to deliver a high level of user engagement.

Ease of Use

Elegant simplicity is the highest virtue in board management software. We always prioritise and retain simplicity when considering the addition of any new functionality to BoardEffect.


Boards’ work is not only important; it is often sensitive, confidential and controversial. Accordingly, we invest heavily in putting BoardEffect at the vanguard in terms of data security and discoverability through our 5-part Security program. We believe that organisations should be able to intentionally and granularly control the level of access that meets their objectives.


BoardEffect puts control in the hands of users by being highly and easily “configurable.” Users can confidently control their experience with the solution. Likewise, BoardEffect can be configured to meet the needs of its clients: whether those are very basic or extremely sophisticated, as organisations’ use of technology evolves.


We live in a boundless, wireless world of anywhere/anytime access and mobility is always front of mind when we consider our solution; never an afterthought or add-on. Nowhere is this more true than in terms of provisioning various tablet formats. BoardEffect is available on any browser-supported device, as well as via a feature-rich app for tablets and smartphones.


Software solutions must work together to support the diverse needs of complex businesses. This is true of board management software, and is something we embrace at BoardEffect. We want to be the best at supporting the work of boards. So, we’ll integrate BoardEffect with any solution that improves our ability to do just that.

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Speak with a Representative.

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