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The Board Portal Buyer's Guide

Make the best decision for your board when choosing boardroom technology

Organisations’ needs are rapidly growing as both the digital landscape and scope of governance change and expand. Delivering the best data and insights to leaders while ensuring advanced cybersecurity and effective governance is something all organisations should strive for. A board portal can deliver these results with ease – but not all of the software on the market is the same. This guide is your go-to source for understanding what to look for in a board portal and how to reap the most benefits. Read on to learn about important board portal evaluation criteria such as:

  • Focus on governance
  • Features & functions
  • Assessing ease of use
  • Security capabilities
  • Considerations for value

Download this guide now and free your board to focus on the organisation’s mission.

“When looking for a board portal we reviewed several in the industry. BoardEffect met our functionality requirements equal to each of their competitors. Based on the function and price comparison BoardEffect was easily seen as the best solution. We have been pleased with our implementation and our ongoing support by BoardEffect. BoardEffect has a wide install base that gives them the experience to guide implementation decisions for best practice with their portal.”

Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services

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Speak with a Representative.

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