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A Board Portal For Small and Medium Business Growth


BoardEffect drives efficiency, effectiveness and engagement among board directors, executives and administrators for small and medium sized businesses to ensure compliance and improved governance for the growth and success of their organization. With the right tools to access and collaborate with the information they need, when they need it, BoardEffect’s intuitive and affordable board management solution will help SMBs drive success through always-on technology that is available no matter where you are.

More than 2,000 leading organizations and over 155,000 users rely on BoardEffect to manage board-related information online and advance the work of their boards.  Board Effect’s board portal technology is utilized by some of the world’s leading organizations and has been used very successfully by SMBs to make sure investors and boards can steer the company in the right direction. The growth of your business is very important to BoardEffect and by using the right technology to make sure there is a clear channel of communication and boardroom processes from the beginning can help accelerate your company’s mission. By leveraging BoardEffect to support the dynamic, nuanced, critically important work of governing bodies, you can quickly see why BoardEffect is the most popular board management system for businesses.

With the BoardEffect platform, your organization can attain easy management of board information, while also enabling board directors to fulfill their responsibilities of elevating organizational performance.

Features that Feel Familiar from Day One


board portal is a board management technology that provides the most secure environment for boards of directors and investors to conduct organizational business. By adopting a board portal, your executive team and board of directors can utilize a streamlined and paperless software or app that allows you to easily communicate, share documents, annotate meeting minutes and more without any of the risks, waste or exposure that a paper board book provides. Also, with our integration with Salesforce, you will easily be able to provide your board with the right information, with single-sign on and the ability to bridge sales reports with meeting tools.

Additionally, your board will be able to save drastically on costs by adopting a tool that is built specifically for driving organizational success from those people responsible for running your company. Because board governance is so complex, demanding, and creates high-stakes for any company, making sure you get it right from the start is essential for the long-term success of your business. It can also be cyclical in nature. With BoardEffect’s board portal software, your company will be supported by putting forth the best practices within and across each cycle of board and investor activity.

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