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What Technology Grants Are Available To Nonprofit Organizations
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Technology Grants for Nonprofits

Digital transformation can help nonprofits work efficiently, enabling them to do more with less. Technology plays a significant role in assisting your nonprofit fulfill its mission. Modern nonprofits rely on data to drive their decisions about needs, fundraising, programs, and more, just as corporations do.

Cost is usually the driving force behind not pursuing the implementation of technology. A technology grant can streamline many of your processes, allowing your volunteers and staff to work more efficiently and with less cost. Technology grants open the door to equip nonprofits with equipment and software to support their operations and fundraising efforts.

We’ll explain what a technology grant is, how to find one, and give you some examples of technology grants to apply for.

What Can a Technology Grant Do for Your Nonprofit?

Imagine alleviating much of the worry over needing technology to help your nonprofit realize its vision in every aspect. Would that be a dream come true for your nonprofit board?

Technology grants can turn your dreams into reality. They provide a funding source you can use to develop your current technology infrastructure or enhance it. Depending on the technology grant, you may be able to use it to purchase new software or hardware programs or expand on what you have.

Beyond supporting your current infrastructure, some technology grants support your nonprofit’s mission in other ways, such as providing funds for digital learning or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

Overall, enhanced technology will bring your nonprofit up to speed with other nonprofits and set you on pace to increase the level of your donations.

Where and How to Find Technology Grants

You can start looking for technology grants in the same places as other grants — governments, foundations, and corporations. Another good place to find technology grants is following GrantWatch, a national grant listing directory that features tens of thousands of grant opportunities.

Be aware that some grantmakers are not open to inquiries or applications. Certain grantors favor seeking out the types of organizations they choose to fund. That said, many grantors outline an application process that nonprofits must go through before being awarded a technology grant.

GrantWatch is a valuable resource for learning about deadlines and specifications for technology grants and getting the most updated information.

Examples of Technology Grants for Nonprofits

  • The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation. This foundation invests over $40 million in grants for nonprofits and other organizations that are invested in the following types of charitable activities: 
    • Protecting the planet
    • Supporting health communities
    • Promoting economic success
    • Increasing technological education for youth and young adults
    • Enabling a more equitable, diverse, inclusive tech workforce
    • Discovering new approaches to data stewardship, data ethics, and data integrity
  • Tech Impact. Nonprofits may apply for grants in connection with the Technology Innovation Awards to support advanced technology projects. Grant awards are in the amount of $10,000 in connection with the Technology Innovation Awards grant program.
  • Okta for Good Fund. Your nonprofit may have a chance at one of two nonprofit technology grants with Okta. This grant opportunity provides multi-year funding for 5-10 nonprofits annually. Grant amounts may be up to $400,000. Okta has committed to investing $10 million over three years to support nonprofit technology.
  • Microsoft Tech for Social Impact. In addition to offering technology grants for nonprofits, Microsoft also offers discounts on many of its services and products for nonprofits. Furthermore, Microsoft’s staff provides free training for nonprofit staff and volunteers to help them learn all about the features and benefits of its software.
  • Verizon Foundation Grants. Nonprofits interested in breaking down digital equity barriers are candidates for a Verizon Foundation Grant. The company also offers grants for nonprofits interested in human prosperity and climate protection. Applications are by invitation only.
  •  Cisco — Product Grant Program and Global Impact Cash Grant. Cisco offers technology grants through the Product Grant Program to help nonprofits improve their productivity, save costs, and scale. Cash grants are not intended for technology use. Still, if your nonprofit can prove that technology has a more significant impact beyond everyday operations, you may be able to use a grant for that purpose. 
  • U.S. General Services Administration — Computers for Learning. This program does not offer funds for technology, but nonprofits may be able to get excess computer equipment from federal agencies to educate children. Recipients must pay for refurbishing and shipping costs.
  • Power of Us by Salesforce. This well-known company offers grants to nonprofits that serve individuals in education and workforce development. Grants are by invitation only. Nonprofits also receive products and other resources either free or at a discounted rate.
  •  Impact Fund by This company supports nonprofits with digital transformation to address communication needs. Grants are available for up to $150,000 to build software, hire technical staff, and support other communications projects.
  •  Mazda Foundation Grants. The Mazda Foundation awards annual grants to nonprofits that promote education and literacy, cross-cultural understanding, social welfare, scientific research, and environmental conservation. Grants may be used for advancements in technology.
  •  Change Happens Foundation. This family-based foundation focuses on progressive and secular social change with a specific interest in science and technology. They accept grant applications on a rolling basis.
  •   The Westinghouse Charitable Giving Program. Nonprofits interested in improving STEM area knowledge and literacy in children and others may qualify for a technology grant with Westinghouse. Grants may also be awarded to nonprofits that need to advance technology to enhance green initiatives.

Of all the types of grants you can apply for, have you considered how a technology grant can boost every other process and operation in your nonprofit? Plenty of technology grants are available but be advised that there is much competition for them.

Before applying for a technology grant, research the guidelines and make sure your organization qualifies for them. Read the terms and conditions of each grant carefully and be sure to meet the parameters.

A technology grant may not cover your goals fully, but it may help take your nonprofit to the next level of efficiency.  BoardEffect is used by over 180k users as their efficient meeting management technology. Contact an advisor to find out more! 

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