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Connect and Grow with BoardEffect Integrations

There is something satisfying about integrating two technologies. Recently, I’ve been working on the integration of some internal systems at BoardEffect. I took a moment to appreciate how transformative these connections can be for a business. A process that used to take hours now takes a fraction of the time.  This allows teams to focus on what really matters and not get bogged down manually manging information between systems.

At BoardEffect, we believe in the power of these connections, both in the product and for our internal systems.  We practice integration as a guiding principle and work to express this in all that we do.  The culmination of this focus will be the launch of our Integrations panel later this summer. This will make integrations even easier to work with and allow you to connect BoardEffect with more services than ever!

The Integrations panel is designed to allow BoardEffect administrators to connect the apps and services they use with the BoardEffect platform.  The initial focus with the launch will be on single sign on (SSO) using login information from other systems.  Administrators will be able to configure SSO with services like ADFS, Azure ID, and many others.  Previously this would require back end configurations that involved support from BoardEffect.  With the launch of the Integrations panel, admins can create and manage SSO connections on their own.

In addition to SSO options, the Integrations panel will also support connections with Go-To-Meeting as well as custom applications through our API.  After the initial launch, we will look to follow-up with additional options, such as integration with Google Drive, One Drive, and other web conferencing services.  Our goal is to continue to drive the development of integrations and expand the services we connect with.

We are excited to share this new functionality with you and we hope you’ll enjoy adding new integrations to your workflow.  Please stay tuned for more information prior to launch later this summer.

Matthew Bryan

Matthew Bryan is the Product Owner at BoardEffect. He works directly with end-users, senior management, customers, partners and other stakeholders to synthesize and define the technology needs of the organization and establish strategic goals for BoardEffect a SaaS platform for Boards of Directors. This role works closely with developers, using an agile process to quickly and effectively deliver high-value business solutions.

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