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Webinar: “Generating Better Board Decisions”

Join Dottie Schindlinger, Governance Technology Evangelist of Diligent, for this brief conference teaser webinar designed to help your board think differently. This session provides you with an overview of:

• Ways to re-frame problems and consider issues from multiple perspectives simultaneously;
• “Generative thinking” – which can lead to a host of creative/better outcomes to challenging situations; and
• Opportunities for robust discussion in board meetings – allowing space for board members to be curious, intrigued, and highly engaged.

Dottie will provide a brief overview of “generative governance,” first introduced in Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards, by Richard P. Chait, William P. Ryan, and Barbara E. Taylor (Wiley, 2005.) Their work describes how truly high-performing boards find ways to serve as the organization’s “sense-makers,” deciding which issues to pay attention to, and interpreting what those issues mean for shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. Through this approach, directors can greatly improve the quality (and quantity) of their discussions, leading to greater insight and generating better decisions.

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Joyce Miller Evans

Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services

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Speak with a Representative.

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