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Licensee Support and Maintenance Guide


End-User / Tier 1 Technical Support

End-user technical support is available 24 x 7.  Support and response provided to the end user. Tier 1 technical issues include:

  • Software installation and configuration
  • Product features and functions
  • Hardware requirements
  • Session access information

Tier 2 Technical Support

Tier 2 support is available from 9am-9pm US Eastern on Monday – Friday.

Tier 2 Support is provided to the organization’s primary technical contacts.  Tier 2 issues are generally those that are beyond the scope of Tier 1 issues and require further escalation and research.


Several resources are available in the BoardEffect Platform located in the “Help” section, including:

  • Access to an online HelpDesk.
  • Access to pre-recorded videos and webinars.
  • Written guides on using and managing the BoardEffect Platform.

The BoardEffect Support Team sends email alerts to all BoardEffect Platform top-level administrators in a minimum of five business days in advance of any planned service interruptions to the BoardEffect Platform.

Technical Support Severities

  • Severity 1:   Fatal Defect – Product is not available
    The BoardEffect Platform’s production system is not operational or all BoardEffect Platform customers are experiencing severe operational impact threatening future business productivity. No alternative is available. For example, the application is inaccessible and users cannot enter or retrieve data.
  • Severity 2:   Product Issue – Product can be used with workarounds
    Important issue that is affecting Client’s operation in the BoardEffect Platform’s production system. Alternate method available. For example, a feature is not working in accordance with the BoardEffect Platform Documentation.
  • Severity 3:   Documentation Issue
    Minor non-critical issue such as information requests or documentation errors.
  • Severity 4:   Enhancement
    Feature or enhancement request on the BoardEffect Platform.  This is then sent to our product management and development teams for review and to incorporate into our product roadmap.

Technical Support Response Times

  • All Severity 1 requests will be responded to within 30 minutes.
  • All Severity 2 requests will be responded to within 2 hours.
  • All Severity 3-4 email and phone inquiries will be responded to within 1 business day of reporting.

Advanced Support

In addition, BoardEffect Platform customers who have ordered Advanced Support will receive the following additional benefits:

  • 2 customized admin training sessions
  • 2 board training webinars
  • A customized implementation with a dedicated implementation specialist
  • Access to Technical Support for integration troubleshooting
  • For Client’s instance of the BoardEffect Platform, control over upgrade schedules for major platform upgrades, excluding standard enhancements or feature releases, bug fixes, and app updates
  • A yearly tune up to review the Client’s platform and best practice suggestions
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