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I’ve just upgraded my platform. Where is my stuff?

Don't worry! None of your content is missing.

The new version of BoardEffect has a different organizational structure than the previous version, making use of Workrooms to house all content stored within the platform. The previous version of BoardEffect was organized differently – including several areas that were “shared” across multiple groups and committees.


When your platform is upgraded, we create a new workroom called “Board” as a placeholder for all the content that was stored in shared spaces, including:

  • Content that was stored in the Board Home (in the Standard version), including:
    • News & Announcements
    • Board Meetings (including Meeting Books, Templates, Archives)
    • Board Manual
    • Board Polls
    • Board Discussions
  • Content that was stored in the Home section (both in Standard and Multi-board versions), including:
    • Tasks
    • RSVPs
    • Surveys (including Survey Templates, Archived Surveys)
  • Directory (the full/complete directory, across all groups)
  • Calendar (the full/complete list of calendar events, across all groups)
  • Take a look in the Board workroom – you’ll find all your “missing” content there. For example, any previous Meetings will now be housed in the “Workroom Files” – “Meeting Books” section.

Take a look in the Board workroom – you’ll find all your “missing” content there. For example, any previous Meetings will now be housed in the “Workroom Files” – “Meeting Books” section.

We recommend taking some time to review the content in the “Board” workroom and decide: what content you want to remove/retain, and what content you might want to move to a different location. Here are three options to consider:

Just rename the Board Workroom and keep using it.

To rename the workroom, go to “Settings” at the top-right of the portal, and click on “Manage Workrooms.”  Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu at the right to change the name and settings for the workroom.  If you already had a Workroom with the name “Board,” you can decide which one to keep and which one to rename – and then move the files from one place to the other (see below).

You might also want to take a moment to make sure the right list of members appears for this workroom – at the outset, ALL users will be listed as members of the workroom, so you might need to make some adjustments.  Simply click on “Add/Remove Users” to make changes to the list.

Move Meeting Books and Files from the Board Workroom into a different Workroom.

You now have the ability to move Meeting Books from one workroom to another.  Click on the title of any Meeting Book you wish to move.  You’ll see the option to “Move” the Meeting Book to a different workroom on the right side.  In the “Other Files” section, you can also move files currently stored in the “Board” workroom into the Resource Library or into another workroom’s Other Files area.

Consider deactiving the Board Workroom.

 If you don’t need any of the content listed in the Board workroom, you can simply deactivate it.  This will effectively hide this Workroom and all of its content from your platform – without deleting any content.  You can do this in the “Settings” menu, under “Manage Workrooms.” Click on “Workroom Settings” and check the box to “Deactivate” the Workroom.

We recommend NOT deleting the workroom until you are certain you have removed all the content you wish to retain.

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