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Best Practices For  Nonprofit Civic Engagement

Best Practices for Nonprofit Civic Engagement

It would be an interesting exercise to go around the boardroom asking each board member to describe their perspective of your nonprofit organization’s civic footprint. The answers may reveal how…

10 Best Practices For Board Evaluations

10 Best Practices for Board Evaluations

Does your board approach your annual board evaluations merely as an exercise to check off your task list, or do you view it as a highly effective tool that provides…

Top Five Best Practices in Nonprofit Governance

While numerous techniques to enhance board effectiveness are recognized as highly effective and essential, they frequently are not employed. Even though board responsibilities don’t change, cultural norms, risks, tools, external…

Basics And Best Practices For Nonprofit Board Governance

Basics and Best Practices for Nonprofit Board Governance

Nonprofit board governance serves two very important purposes – fulfilling your nonprofit’s mission and ensuring its sustainability. Separately and together, nonprofit boards and governance play essential roles in the nonprofit…

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