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These Top Benefits Are Why Our Customers Love Using BoardEffect


“BoardEffect has made my life easier by making it a one-stop shop for all of our board members for what they need and the information that they need to be effective board members.”

– April V.E., Board Administrator

“I absolutely would recommend BoardEffect. It has streamlined our process. It has helped our board. It’s wonderful, it’s innovative.”

– Laura M., Manager of Administrative Services


“Being on a secure platform where we can not only store, but share, information that’s extremely confidential, is a tremendous benefit.”

– Felicia F., Board Liaison

“We feel really confident with BoardEffect when we’re sending information to the board that they’re able to retrieve it easily, but that it’s also a secure process.”

– Debbie B., Director of Board and Government Relations


“BoardEffect has transformed our board because it has allowed our board to collaborate with each other…It helps them to make the decisions that need to be made and prepare in advance for the work that the foundation collectively does.”

– Scott O., Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

“The boards that I’ve worked with that have adopted BoardEffect have become savvier boards. They have become better governing boards.”

– Felicia F., Board Liaison

BoardEffect is trusted by over 2,500+ boards and 180,000+ users.

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