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Everything You Need To Know To Drive Your Startup's Success

How to Build a Foundation of Good Governance for Your Startup

Launching a startup can be a daunting but exciting venture. Entrepreneurs have much to consider when deciding how to best position their new business for positive growth and long-term success. Areas where small business owners should allocate enough time and attention include:

  • Preparing for a strong financial start
  • Setting a plan for executive fundraising
  • Understanding how to attract investment
  • Establishing effective communications with investors

In this White paper, we discuss best practice approaches to all of these early challenges, and show how board portal software streamlines each cycle of board activity while instilling a foundation of good governance for startups.

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“When looking for a board portal we reviewed several in the industry. BoardEffect met our functionality requirements equal to each of their competitors. Based on the function and price comparison BoardEffect was easily seen as the best solution. We have been pleased with our implementation and our ongoing support by BoardEffect. BoardEffect has a wide install base that gives them the experience to guide implementation decisions for best practice with their portal.”

Joyce Miller Evans

Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services

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Speak with a Representative.

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