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Dawning Of The Tech-savvy Board
February 23, 2016

The Dawning of the Tech-Savvy Board

Technology changes faster than boards do. (Well, technology changes faster than most things do. And boards tend to change slowly, so it stands to reason.) But today’s boards of directors have more reason than ever to keep pace. New tools,…

How To Be An Effective Board Member
February 23, 2016

How to be an Effective Board Member

The success of every board depends upon the collaboration and melding of ideas of the board members. According to Frank Martinelli, President of the Center for Public Skills Training, every board has three broad areas of responsibility including: Planning and…

How To Write A Motion For A Board Meeting
February 21, 2016

How to Write a Motion for a Board Meeting

Writing a motion for a board meeting isn’t difficult, but it does take some forethought. Perhaps you’ve been to a board meeting where someone filed a motion and so many amendments followed it that the final version didn’t remotely resemble…

How To Chair A Board Meeting
February 18, 2016

How to Chair a Board Meeting

Chairpersons who keep good order run productive board meetings. A good chair should have enough familiarity with parliamentary procedure (or Robert's Rules of Order) to guide board members through the process and know how to run a board meeting. The role of…

What Is A Consent Agenda For A Board Meeting
February 6, 2016

What is a Consent Agenda for a Board Meeting?

The terms consent agenda and consent calendar are interchangeable terms. A consent agenda is a board meeting practice that groups routine business and reports into one agenda item. The consent agenda can be approved in one action, rather than filing…

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