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Role Of The Board Chair
March 20, 2016

What is the role of the Board Chair?

The Board Chair is often seen as a meeting facilitator. In reality, the Board Chair responsibilities are far greater than that. The Board Chair maintains focus on what is best for the company or organization. He/she facilitates good board leadership…

New Board Member Orientation
March 17, 2016

How to Hold New Board Member Orientation

Large or small, every board of directors should hold an orientation for new board members because it benefits the organization, including the scope of people it serves. All boards have a unique set of dynamics and expectations. An effective new…

Board Member Responsibilities
March 13, 2016

What are a Board Member’s Responsibilities?

As a whole, the board of directors bears a legal responsibility to govern a corporation. Fulfilling that responsibility encompasses many individual roles and responsibilities. Each board member brings different strengths, talents, and abilities to the board. When board members merge…

Corporate Secretary Responsibilities
March 2, 2016

Corporate Secretary Roles and Responsibilities

State corporation laws require every corporation to designate a corporate secretary. Corporate law allows corporations the latitude to outline the powers and duties of the Corporate Secretary in their by-laws. While corporations can customize the job description of the Corporate…

Dawning Of The Tech-savvy Board
February 23, 2016

The Dawning of the Tech-Savvy Board

Technology changes faster than boards do. (Well, technology changes faster than most things do. And boards tend to change slowly, so it stands to reason.) But today’s boards of directors have more reason than ever to keep pace. New tools,…

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