October 15, 2015

Fostering Circumspect Vision [Slideshare]

Navigating through the windshield and rear-view

A critical focus of the board is to engage in deciding what to pay attention to, what it means, and what to do about it – ultimately, to what’s ahead for an organization and ensure the ongoing relevance of the mission it strives to achieve.

Staff As The Secret To Board Success
October 13, 2015

Staff as the Secret to Board Success

Effective board development requires board involvement, as the “care and feeding” of the board is an ongoing board responsibility. That said, the staff typically plays an essential role, too, provided they are empowered — surprisingly, there is common debate about…

The Numbers Don’t Add Up
September 29, 2015

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

The numbers don’t add up. According to CohnReznick’s 2015 Not-For-Profit Governance Survey, 81% of respondents ranked cyber security as a leading cause of concern among nonprofit leaders, yet only 11% of boards have created risk management or IT committees. Perhaps…

September 23, 2015

Coming to Terms with Conflicts of Interest

What do board conflicts of interest and pornography have in common? Nothing, it turns out. While the latter is vaguely defined but commonly recognized “when we see it,” conflicts of interest seem to be the opposite – clearly defined yet often NOT recognized, even in plain sight.

August 25, 2015

Building Board Crisis Management (and Prevention) Capacity

Despite great intentions otherwise, nonprofit – and for-profit – boards frequent the news. While the Planned Parenthood crisis is front and center now, headlines have covered all sorts of “scandals” in recent years (ie. Penn State, Target, Enron, Sweet Briar College). Even the ALS board faced the spotlight during last year’s wildly successful “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

7 Ways To Destroy Board Engagement
August 19, 2015

7 Ways to Destroy Board Engagement

It’s now more important than ever before that your board of directors is highly engaged in the mission and business of your organization. Over the past decade, the bar has been raised on board performance – it’s no longer sufficient (if it ever was) for board members to simply show up to meetings, nod their heads in agreement, and go home. Your stakeholders want tangible evidence that your organization is fulfilling its mission. Your board members – as the owners of your organization’s mission – are in the crosshairs of this scrutiny. Board engagement is critical.

How To Sell Board Management Software To Your Board
August 13, 2015

How to Sell Board Management Software to Your Board

New technology, like Board Management Software, isn’t always welcomed into an organization, even when it’s urgently needed. Champions at every level encounter obstacles. Exponent Partners explains why, noting that program teams focus on their priorities, not the organization as a whole, and leadership doesn’t have the capacity to research new projects. So how can you make a case to the board for the technology product you know they need?

Having successfully introduced a SaaS product to her nonprofit, one leader shares tips for cultivating buy-in for technology solutions in nonprofit organizations:

August 6, 2015

How to Enhance Board Performance [Infographic]

Enhancing Board Performance

A high-performing board of directors can be an organization’s most valuable asset.  From the moment they cross the starting line, board members must protect the institution they serve.  Governance efforts in support of this critical, core duty should be purposefully conceived to drive the board’s collective capability and build valuable fiduciary competency.

Board management software offers a range of opportunity elevate board performance as varied as the needs of each board and organization. The key is to effectively align and deploy technology to support the full range of responsibilities of board governance. Below is our new infographic that suggests useful tools, implementation tips and pitfalls to avoid.

August 4, 2015

Top 10 Books on Leadership, Business and more from Todd Gibby (BoardEffect CEO)

Top 10 Books on Leadership, Business and More by Todd Gibby
Summer is an amazing season for countless fun activities. For most people, including my soon-to-be 6th grade son, mandatory summer reading is not high on that list. But I’ve really enjoyed following along in recent weeks as he’s grudgingly cranked through five or six assigned books. And, with my own abbreviated summer break only a few weeks away, I am looking forward to spending a few quiet afternoons in a shaded hammock with some books of my own. With that in mind, I have compiled below my Top Ten List of “really enjoyable, but also extraordinarily valuable” books. These books will hopefully be useful to individuals who are in some way responsible for leading an organization, but who are also committed to the important pursuit of summer rest / relaxation / recovery / renewal. I would eagerly welcome any personal favorites that you consider glaring in their omission from this list. Drumroll, please…