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Guiding Principle Highlight: Mobility – Unifying the Experience

Our Guiding Principle Series draws to a close with a focus on Mobility. Over the past few months, we’ve looked at how these principles drive feature development and elevate the performance of boards. This month, we close the series by focusing on mobility, a keystone of our guiding principles.

A board member’s experience with BoardEffect often starts with an iPad or Android tablet.  This first step moves them away from the clunky, paper board packets and delivers efficiencies like search and annotation tools that paper cannot. Accessing board content through a tablet allows for faster distribution, review, and commentary on materials. Content is available as soon as it’s ready and administrators can accommodate last-minute updates with just a few clicks.  After a few meetings, many board members wonder how they worked without a tool like BoardEffect.

The efficiencies continue as the board further adopts the platform and content accumulates.  The value of having all of your Board information available on-the-go is immense.  Board members can respond to RSVPS, add calendar events, and review policy documents from their device.  They have access to all the important information they need to make effective decisions as board members.

As a guiding principle, mobility informs what we develop and what platform we deliver it on.  Delivery is important, as board members are often loyal to their preferred brand of tablet.  For this reason, we’ve focused our recent development efforts on expanding our offerings on Android, in addition to iOS.  As a result, we’ll be launching a Kindle Fire version of the Android app in addition to the Google Play version later this month. This focus will continue in the coming year as we continue to refine mobile applications through the lense of our other guiding principles.

Our approach toward mobility extends beyond tablets and informs how we think about the overall evolution of the product. That’s why it is considered a keystone guiding principle.

Our development efforts build on a unified experience and work with our other guiding principles to provide the right tools, on the right platform, to elevate Board performance.

Matthew Bryan

Matthew Bryan is the Product Owner at BoardEffect. He works directly with end-users, senior management, customers, partners and other stakeholders to synthesize and define the technology needs of the organization and establish strategic goals for BoardEffect a SaaS platform for Boards of Directors. This role works closely with developers, using an agile process to quickly and effectively deliver high-value business solutions.

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