Project Management And Homebrewing: Enjoy The Process
September 24, 2016

Project Management and Homebrewing: Enjoy the process

“Inspect and adapt” is a familiar mantra in agile software development, which is about building a flexible process that anticipates and embraces change. Many of the things I enjoy about product management are related to building and adapting processes based on what is going well and what could be improved. In my role at BoardEffect, I immediately noticed a correlation between my work as a project manager and how I approach some of my non-work pursuits, in particular, homebrewing. I initially got into brewing simply because I liked beer and I wanted to learn more about how to make it, but it quickly spiraled into obsessing over how to improve the beer I was making, how to change the process based on which style I wanted to make, and how to troubleshoot off-flavors. I don’t homebrew because it’s cost-effective, because I don’t have access to unique beers, or even because it’s that fun (it’s a lot of sanitizing). It’s really all about the process.

Connect And Grow With BoardEffect Integrations
June 22, 2016

Connect and Grow with BoardEffect Integrations

There is something satisfying about integrating two technologies. Recently, I’ve been working on the integration of some internal systems at BoardEffect. I took a moment to appreciate how transformative these connections can be for a business. A process that used to take hours now takes a fraction of the time.  This allows teams to focus on what really matters and not get bogged down manually manging information between systems.

May 18, 2016


Healthcare Providers face several challenges when selecting and using the services of an outside / third-party vendor that could potentially be in the position of having access to individuals’ ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information).  As of December 2015, BoardEffect achieved HIPAA compliance, benefiting organizations that are required to safeguard this information under these guidelines.

Why Your BoardEffect Platform May Need Some Spring Cleaning
March 22, 2016

Why your BoardEffect Platform may need some spring cleaning

Why is it that stuff seems to multiply and accumulate during the winter? On the kitchen counter.  On the shelf in the living room.  What is all that junk?  Who brought it in the house?  Maybe it is our nesting instinct? Good News: Spring is upon us and with Spring comes the urge to open the windows and the desire to declutter.

That inclination pertains to one group of people more than another.  Are you a thrower or a saver?  Here is a cautionary tale with a seasonally appropriate solution.

Guiding Principle Highlight: Ease Of Use
January 26, 2016

Guiding Principle Highlight: Ease of Use

Small Enhancements, Big Impact

We think beyond board books.  Our product vision and guiding principles allow us to consistently innovate, but in a predictable way that supports what you care about.  We find time and again that our customers are most interested in ease of use, security and control, citing them among their top reasons for selecting BoardEffect as their board portal provider.

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