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Capacity Grants For Nonprofits
June 2, 2022

Capacity Building Grants for Nonprofits in 2022

Administration and operations are the backbones of nonprofit organizations. Yet, philanthropists and foundations traditionally have been less likely to fund these activities, preferring to fund specific programs or projects, and capacity building grants could make a viable difference. The pandemic…

Nonprofit Recruitment
May 26, 2022

Tips for Recruiting During the Great Resignation

The employee turnover rate has skyrocketed as workers reevaluate their employers and career choices. With millions looking for jobs, the job climate is ripe for nonprofits to hire top talent.   Does your nonprofit board know why workers left their jobs…

What Technology Grants Are Available To Nonprofit Organizations
May 24, 2022

Technology Grants for Nonprofits

Digital transformation can help nonprofits work efficiently, enabling them to do more with less. Technology plays a significant role in assisting your nonprofit fulfill its mission. Modern nonprofits rely on data to drive their decisions about needs, fundraising, programs, and…

ESG For Nonprofits
January 26, 2022

ESG for Nonprofits: What Your Group Needs to Know

Does your board stand up and notice when a new concept catches on like wildfire? That’s exactly what happened with environmental, social, and governance (ESG), a movement that’s been swift and thriving across all organizations. ESG principles emerged over the last…

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