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On Being The Best Board Chair
March 21, 2017

On Being the Best Board Chair

The now-former board chair of a mid-sized nonprofit organization resigned hastily in frustration. Having identified some management irregularities, he was riding roughshod on the chief executive, who countered with complaints of debilitating micromanagement. Until the chair’s departure, however, the rest of the board remained unaware of any problems. The chair believed it his responsibility to…

December 21, 2016

The Board at Year-End and the Power of Fresh Perspective

Fresh perspective can transform… well, almost anything. When a new BoardEffect administrator recently took the reins from her predecessor, she knew she could leverage her still outside perspective to benefit the board. In studying the multiple board and committee workrooms in her platform, she recognized an organic “design” of workflow and information management that reflected…

I Voted
November 29, 2016

Advocacy and Adjustment in the Post-Election, New Nonprofit World, Part 1

Immediate-Term Steps Nonprofits Can Take in an Era of Political Transition / Uncertainty. Every national, state, and local election has the potential to impact communities and the nonprofits that serve them. The difference this year is that impact remains largely unknown. As each segment of the nonprofit sector scrambles to anticipate and interpret the implications…

Board Development Matrix
November 14, 2016

Board Development Matrix: The Pros and Cons

Among the many lessons in our recent, historic election is the truth about the company we keep. As reflected on social media, like-minded people tend to gravitate to those who think – and sometimes look – as they do. Though easily attributable to human nature, this pattern enables us to overlook blind spots that can…

New Models For Board Education - Board Members As Pros In Peer Learning
October 27, 2016

New Models for Board Education: Board Members as Pros in Peer Learning

The power in the room was palpable. Not just at the recent BoardEffect Users Conference, where hundreds of BoardEffect administrators congregated to learn with – and from – one another, but every time I’ve witnessed professional peers convene to gain and share knowledge. They consistently generate energy from one another, leveraging their experiences to offer…

Board Surveys
September 25, 2016

Ode to Board Surveys: Past, Present, and Future

That moment when your read or hear something that stops you in your tracks – it’s transformative. Maybe it inspires new ideas or just encourages you to look differently at the same old thing. Like your board meeting. Or the tools you use in them. Consider the survey, an instrument commonly distributed to board members…

Send Your Board Back To School
August 23, 2016

Send Your Board Back to School

As back-to-school anticipation permeates the August air, students of all ages gear up for another cycle of learning. Pencils, notebooks, laptops, and iPads fly off shelves and summer fades into study season. So culturally conditioned are we to schooling that those not enrolling might experience pangs of education envy.

Executive Director Transition Plan
August 7, 2016

Why Every Organization Needs an Executive Director Transition Plan

Your chief executive is leaving. No, not hypothetically. At some point, the CEO, executive director, or maybe even founder of your organization will move on to something new. In fact, according to BoardSource, 50% of nonprofit leaders expect to leave their positions within the next five years, yet only one-third of organizations have a succession…

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