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Types Of Motions
September 27, 2022

Robert’s Rules of Order Types of Motions

Imagine a handbook that covers every possible board situation that could come up at any profit or nonprofit organization. The book would be volumes upon volumes. It’s for this reason that Robert’s Rules allows some room for organizations to be flexible, under certain circumstances, and with specific rules. Main motions are the primary mechanism that…

Board Governance Training Is Key To Ensuring Boards Are As Effective As Possible
August 16, 2022

The Importance of Board Governance Training

Whether they have years of board experience or whether it’s their first board director position, all board members benefit from governance training. Board directors have many important responsibilities. Their work is never done. Organizations that train and educate their board…

The Great Resignation
May 11, 2022

Why is The Great Resignation Happening?

“The Great Resignation is still in full swing, even if quits are moderating somewhat,” Daniel Zhao, a senior economist at career site Glassdoor, said in a tweet. The coronavirus began to spread in the United States early in 2020, and it so…

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