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Trends In Quorums, Virtual Meetings, And Board Meeting Attendance
August 30, 2022

Trends in Quorums, Virtual Meetings, and Board Meeting Attendance

What happens when a board chair tries to counter low attendance at board meetings with shorter meetings? Even lower attendance, as a well-intended colleague once discovered. Lack of time is not what causes board member absenteeism; volunteer leaders expect to invest time in the causes they champion — as long as that time seems well-spent. Effective…

Nonprofit Board Member Criteria Allows Organizations To Set Standards For What Success Looks Like
September 23, 2019

Beyond Passion: Nonprofit Board Member Criteria

Passion. It’s the favorite first ingredient in recipes for cooking up a great nonprofit board member. “Commitment to mission” or “passion for the cause” is included on almost every list of criteria for prospective board members. Amidst numerous other preferred…

Applying The Right Steps To Board Recruitment Helps Boards Improve Effectiveness Overall
July 19, 2019

Seven Steps to Better Board Recruitment

Nonprofit executives often lament their boards’ limited engagement. Recognizing that volunteer board members will prioritize professional and personal obligations first, they accept whatever investment busy board members can make. When I heard a nonprofit leader recently acknowledge a disconnect between…

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