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Risk Management Strategies For Credit Unions
July 20, 2023

Risk Management Strategies for Credit Unions

  As a community bank board member, you understand that the economy's uncertainty and volatility have significantly transformed how the financial industry, including credit unions, perceives risk. Gone are the days when credit unions solely relied on forecasts and projections…

How A Hospital Board Can Improve Their Governance
July 6, 2023

What Does a Nonprofit Governance Committee Do?

  A nonprofit governance committee performs many of the same duties and has many of the same responsibilities as those for a for-profit corporation. Like for-profit entities, nonprofit organizations often formally combine the function of the nominating committee with that…

Nonprofit Board Members Should Know And Understand Each Law Their Organization Must Comply With
October 25, 2022

Nonprofit Laws Checklist for Board Members

  Because nonprofit organizations serve the public good, nonprofit boards must continually work to earn the public’s trust. State and federal governments’ nonprofit laws hold them accountable, as they get tax breaks for providing public services. Like their for-profit counterparts,…

Risk Management Is A Crucial Element For Credit Unions To Make Sure Customers And The Organization Are Protected And Supported
July 21, 2022

Importance of Risk Management for Credit Unions

  The uncertainty and volatility of the economy have drastically changed how all industries view risk, including credit unions. In past decades, credit unions and other financial corporations relied heavily on forecasts and projections to manage their daily operations. In…

Claims Can Be Made Against Nonprofit Organizations, And Nonprofit Boards Should Understand What Types Of Insurance Policies Are Needed
May 30, 2022

Do Nonprofits Need Liability Insurance?

The answer to the question about whether nonprofits need liability insurance is more than a simple “yes” or “no.” When a group or individual considers purchasing any type of insurance policy, it’s important to think about the reason they need…

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