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Annual Board Meeting

The work of the board is annual in nature and is often carried out over the course of a year. Longer term projects like policy and compliance, budgeting, board member elections and evaluations occur within the Annual Board Meeting Cycle. BoardEffect supports this critical strategic work simply and elegantly.


Assess conflicts of interest, solicit feedback on meetings or create self-assessments for board members using the survey tool. Templates allow you to reuse surveys and give you the flexibility to make any necessary updates or changes.

board surveys
Annual Board Meeting: Board Policy Handbooks

Policy Handbooks

Store all of your important board documents, such as the strategic plan, policies and procedures in one location that board members can always access – even when they are offline. Built the same way as a book, the Board Handbooks can be annotated as well.


New Member Orientation Tools

Streamline the process of on-boarding a new board member by using BoardEffect to store all of the information he or she will need for effective board service.

Annual Board Meeting: orientation tools

Additional Benefits

Unlimited Storage

No restrictions on the amount of files you can keep within the platform. Store as many as you like without limitation on file size or volume


Granular security and control

BoardEffect allows you to manage settings and control the level of access that meets your organisation’s objectives, because we know you want to control how you experience technology.


Intuitive App Experience

BoardEffect offers a strong platform for the on-the-go experience, which we are constantly evolving in order to provide you the easiest, most secure access to your information from your preferred device.


“When looking for a board portal we reviewed several in the industry. BoardEffect met our functionality requirements equal to each of their competitors. Based on the function and price comparison BoardEffect was easily seen as the best solution. We have been pleased with our implementation and our ongoing support by BoardEffect. BoardEffect has a wide install base that gives them the experience to guide implementation decisions for best practice with their portal.”

Joyce Miller Evans

Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services

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