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How to Get Your Board "Onboard" and Aligned

Your board members are an extension of your organization, and just like you and your team, they are best equipped to support and propel your mission forward when they are strategically aligned. However, this can often be easier said than done, which is why Plenty and BoardEffect have joined forces to guide you through this critical, and sometimes complex process.

Join our teams for an exclusive webinar on how to create alignment with and within your board. During this 60-minute webinar our teams will explore the following:

  • What true alignment is, why it matters, and how to recognize when it’s missing
  • How you can use strategic planning to create alignment and the steps to get started
  • An introduction to the tools you can use to reinforce your strategy once it’s created

The Completely Revised Guide to Great Board Recruitment

Recruiting board members for many nonprofits is an exercise lacking not only in vision but in common sense.

The truth is nonprofits have been sold something of a bill of goods when it comes to board recruitment and this results in some all too familiar problems that repeat not only in the sector overall but in the same organizations over and over again.

About speakers:

Vernetta Walker is vice president of programs and chief governance officer for BoardSource.

Anasuya Sengupta has been on the Board of the Nonprofit Quarterly from August 2015.


What is Board Engagement Anyway (and how do we get more of it)?

Board engagement is a term often used but rarely defined.

Yet, building a highly engaged board is essential to the vitality of any board and organization. Join us for a lively “talk show” style webinar designed to explore ways to measure and build board engagement – with an eye toward improving your organization’s performance.

Charles Dahan, an expert in helping organizations define and maximize engagement, will teach attendees how to:

  • Quantify board engagement
  • Three strategies to increase member engagement tailored to their definitions and needs
  • Leverage high-performing leaders to increase involvement across the organization


“BoardEffect has been a key driver in regards to the execution of our strategic plan which was accomplished quickly and efficiently. BoardEffect is a real boost to our governance processes.”

John Janclaes

President/CEO of Partners FCU

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