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BoardEffect® Streamlines Board Work, Increases Board Engagement

In BoardEffect®, board members can:

  • Do their work from anywhere with an Internet connection, and download board materials for use offline
  • Mark-up and create annotations on their copies of the board book, including on their iPads
  • Access board meeting materials online (the Board Packet)
  • Connect with other board members online and discuss issues securely
  • Find current policy documents, news items, articles and more
  • Conduct committee work privately and securely online
  • "Vote" on issues electronically, and have their votes counted and recorded
  • Download meeting dates and events to their own personal calendars, and RSVP for meetings
  • Share files and post messages during conference call meetings
  • See a dashboard view of current fundraising campaigns and other updates
  • Use the portal in multiple languages, character sets, and display dates/times in US and international formats

BoardEffect® is a secure web-based portal for your board of directors. 

Key Features:

  • 100% web-based interface that does not require any special software or hardware installations
  • Easy creation of online board books using any document file type (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, etc.)
  • Automatic conversion of the board book into one pdf document with bookmarks
  • Private workspaces for committees as well as for the board
  • Extensive off-site, redundant storage space for documents and other files, including audio & video clips, images, links to external websites
  • Daily back-ups of your data with a rolling two-week recovery period for any inadvertently deleted files
  • No automatic purges of your data -- you, and you alone, determine when and if to delete files
  • Easy administration -- no software to install, nothing for your in-house IT team to support
  • Simple to learn and use; training provided for both administrators and board users
  • 24/7 Help Desk for administrators and users
  • You have control to assign administrative permissions and access levels to your users by individual & group
  • Shared calendar and easy meeting scheduling
  • Board contact directory, featuring images, private document storage folders, terms of office, and more
  • Online discussions and meeting capabilities
  • Dashboard views of news, tasks, other updates
  • Supports 10 languages, international hosting options available

See BoardEffect in action -- request a free online tour.

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