Entity Management For Different Types Of Businesses And Nonprofits
May 1, 2017

Entity Management for Different Types of Businesses and Nonprofits

Starting up a new entity is always an exciting venture. New business owners have a formidable task ahead of them when they start the process of getting a business or nonprofit set up and properly organized. One of the first decisions they need to make is what type of legal structure the entity needs in order to comply with tax filings. Getting the right entity structure in place also puts the business on track for the best chance of financial and operational success.

Directors And Officers: The Value Of D&O Questionnaires And Insurance
March 24, 2017

Directors and Officers: The Value of D&O Questionnaires and Insurance

Directors and officers insurance (D&O) has an interesting history. In the late 19th century, Lloyd’s of London, a conglomerate of insurance syndicates, developed the current model of D&O liability. But for many years, D&O maintained its popularity primarily within the United States. Around the 1980s, however, the benefits of D&O insurance spread across the ocean and it became popular in all parts of the world.