On Being The Best Board Chair
March 21, 2017

On Being the Best Board Chair

The now-former board chair of a mid-sized nonprofit organization resigned hastily in frustration. Having identified some management irregularities, he was riding roughshod on the chief executive, who countered with complaints of debilitating micromanagement. Until the chair’s departure, however, the rest of the board remained unaware of any problems. The chair believed it his responsibility to run interference for board members weary from a sustained period of organizational growth, so he withheld his concerns until his exit interview.

Nonprofit Board Member Duties And Responsibilities Form The Lay Of The Land
February 15, 2017

Nonprofit Board Member Duties and Responsibilities Form the Lay of the Land

Have you ever looked out of an airplane window and marveled at how differently everything looks from an aerial view? You noticed which highways were jammed with traffic and which roads were barren. Maybe you detected a few important landmarks. As a member of a board of directors for a nonprofit organization, you have a duty and a responsibility to examine your organization’s landscape to ensure that the current (and future) landscape is healthy and productive.

Why Is Board Succession Planning Important?
October 2, 2016

Why is Board Succession Planning Important?

Having term limits is a good way to ensure that a board is actively working on recruitment and succession planning on a continual basis. Boards with and without term limits find that board turnover is a little like the changing of the guard. It’s a regular event. It’s inevitable. It can be somewhat entertaining and you hope it’s never embarrassing.