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Improving Board Education For Nonprofits

Improving Board Education for Nonprofits

Passion is often the thing that motivates people to serve on a nonprofit board, but passion alone only takes them so far. It’s not uncommon for nonprofit board members to…

How To Measure Board Meeting Effectiveness

How to Measure Board Meeting Effectiveness

When board directors choose to invest their time in an organization, they’re looking for assurance that their participation is valuable and that they’re making a difference. Stakeholders in an organization…

Hospital Governing Board Structure

Hospital Governing Board Structure

After the implementation of ACA, more hospitals and health systems entered into affiliations, acquisitions, membership substitutions, joint ventures, and clinical affiliations. These changes have caused the need to restructure systems.…

Cyber Threat Analysis Framework For Board Members

Cyber Threat Analysis Framework for Board Members

One of the most difficult challenges for today’s boards is tackling cyber threats successfully. The topic of cybersecurity is immensely complex and constantly evolving. A major data breach carries the…

Strategies For Effective Board Leadership

Strategies for Effective Board Leadership

In general, boards are in the spotlight with a focus on board effectiveness. As the light shines brighter, weak boards stand out more than ever before. As new board directors…

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