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Healthcare governance is complex.
The right tools can make it less complicated.

BoardEffect, a Diligent company, was designed for the work of efficient and collaborative boards to enable effective leaders. Healthcare executives and trustees have long relied on BoardEffect to improve board management and streamline secure communications. Healthcare experiences twice the number of cyber attacks as other industries; in 2017 alone, the number of incidents increased by 210%, and 5.6 million patient records were affected. The stakes are high for protecting your board’s sensitive information. BoardEffect’s client base is comprised of healthcare organizations ranging from small local hospitals with basic board structures, to national hospital systems and networks with complex needs.
By putting compliance, reporting, strategic planning, meeting management and more in one secure place, BoardEffect streamlines governance. Backed by over a decade of experience, our board portal solution empowers healthcare organizations to better manage board operations while providing cost-effective scales to accommodate the mergers, acquisitions and evolving requirements of the future.

With BoardEffect, your healthcare organization can:

  • Enhance efficiency for board and staff
  • Provide security and control for important content
  • Ensure board member engagement
  • Document all governance activity
  • Demonstrate a commitment to governance best practice

With over 2,000 customers and 180,000 users globally, BoardEffect is the governance leader that puts customers first. Among our user base, 30% come from the healthcare sector. This unique position gives us a valuable understanding of the particular regulations and the security needs of boards in the sector.

BoardEffect is really intuitive – not overwhelming – but what creates additional engagement by the board members is their ability to access
not only board meeting materials in ‘real time’ but also supporting documents that are all located in one easy-to-use tool.”
– Kelli Ockinga, Executive Assistant, Mary Lanning Healthcare

Data Security and Built-In HIPAA Compliance Maintenance

When Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are stolen, they remain with a person forever and the theft is much more difficult to resolve. Since many board portals are used to store PHI, it is particularly important for boards to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

BoardEffect’s board portal software goes beyond the required controls for HIPAA compliance, such as implementing data encryption, allowing healthcare organizations to align the platform with their unique technical, legal and regulatory requirements. BoardEffect even signs Business Associate Agreements required by HIPAA, setting itself apart from other board portal providers.

Features that Feel Familiar from Day One

We know that board members and administrators are busy, which is why we made BoardEffect easy to use for:

• Curating and sharing the latest data
• Staying up to speed before and between meetings
• Securely collaborating in committees and workrooms
• Administering polls, surveys, voting and more

The smartphone- and tablet-compatible dashboard works like popular online apps. Additionally, personalized onboarding and weekly webinars help users get up to speed quickly—for maximum usage and ROI.

As the only board portal platform built on API infrastructure, BoardEffect integrates with other mission-critical systems, so board activities easily connect with recruitment, strategic planning and more.

Our commitment to state-of-the-art security means you can feel confident that medical information and other sensitive data is protected, while essential information is readily available for audits and reporting.

Exclusively for BoardEffect Healthcare Customers:

  • Streamline governance technology beyond board books:
    • Minutes: Integrated minute taking and action management for BoardEffect. Minutes enables you to take meeting minutes more efficiently and securely, and design action items easily.
    • Messenger: The safer, smarter way to communicate with your board. Messenger is a one-stop-shop for document sharing and secure communications.
  • HIPAA compliance: BoardEffect adheres to rigorous requirements for safeguarding data compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and HITECH. BoardEffect’s HIPAA compliance goes well beyond mere technical controls, it invokes a series of safeguards and policies
  • New healthcare resources: We partnered with Gallagher GovernWell to provide a robust set of healthcare resources with governance best practices.
Diligent Minutes


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