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Healthcare governance is complex.
The right tools can make it less complicated.

The boardrooms of hospitals and healthcare organizations are always whirring with activity. With so many decisions to make in a short time frame, healthcare boards need convenient access to the highest quality meeting materials, bylaws, policies, assessments and resources to meet complex strategic challenges. But creating these resources from scratch can be time-consuming, and the quality depends on the availability of in-house talent. Gallagher GovernWell™, in partnership with BoardEffect, offers your healthcare organization a robust set of resources to help your board reach best practice — quickly and efficiently.

15 powerful Gallagher GovernWell™ modules allow your board
to better navigate the complexities of governance.

This solution offered by the Gallagher Human Resources and Compensation Consulting practice, is a comprehensive and intuitive package of necessary governance resources for healthcare boards of trustees. A single source of over
3,000 valuable articles, BoardBriefs, form templates and policy samples, Gallagher GovernWell™ guarantees governing excellence and improved board performance overall. Each of the 15 Gallagher GovernWell™ modules provide your board with everything
needed to advance the board’s knowledge, skills, structure, practices and capacity for success in this increasingly complex environment. 15 powerful Gallagher GovernWell™ modules allow your board to better navigate the complexities of governance. Powered by BoardEffect Gallagher GovernWell™ is now available through the BoardEffect board management software platform.

Good Governance Fueled by Technology

BoardEffect provides secure online software—available through any computer or mobile device—that allows trustees to communicate efficiently, share and annotate documents, collaborate on policies, and take action, avoiding the risks and waste associated with paper board books. BoardEffect’s technology supports governance best practices in each cycle of board activity including the meeting, annual and development cycles.

Gallagher Governwell™ – Special Offering for Healthcare Boards

Exclusively for healthcare boards, BoardEffect and Integrated Healthcare Strategies have teamed up to provide the full suite of Gallagher GovernWellTM resources through the BoardEffect platform. By purchasing the BoardEffect healthcare package, your trustees will have access to the full set of Gallagher GovernWell™ articles, BoardBriefs, and more. Your in-house governance professionals can use the integrated Gallagher GovernWell™ templates in BoardEffect to create interactive online board self-assessments, policy handbooks, disclosure forms, and more—in just a matter of minutes.

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