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Board Succession Planning
July 8, 2016

The Power of Board Succession Planning

All heads typically turn toward executive directors when talk of “succession” reaches the board room, but they’re not the only nonprofit leaders who warrant transition attention. All of them do, in fact, yet organizations often lack preparedness for turnover at any level. Still, board of director succession planning is essential to good governance, as it…

Making Magic Before And After The Best Board Meetings
June 21, 2016

Making Magic Before and After the Best Board Meetings

Board meetings get all the attention, but the magic of good governance doesn’t really begin or end at the board table. Just as it’s not the pomp and circumstance of graduation that will matter most in any young adult’s life, but rather what happens before and after the actual event. The same is true regarding…

Advisory Board Best Practices
May 10, 2016

Advisory Board Best Practices: Roles and Advice

“Don’t worry, we’ll create an advisory board so you can stay involved,” says an incoming board chair to his predecessor. The not uncommon gesture is extended, of course, with enthusiasm, sincerity and best intentions. And the statement is posed as much as a question (to me) as a promise (to her). Then someone else on…

April 28, 2016

Not Just a Job: What Makes a Good Board Member?

From scheduling events to approving consent agendas to completing board self-assessment surveys, technology makes it increasingly easier for board members to do their jobs. While access to timely information absolutely helps, it’s not everything. The key to ensuring optimal job performance by nonprofit board members is recognizing that board service is, in fact, a job.

Board Election Process
April 18, 2016

Board Member Election Process: Secrets for Success

Board elections culminate in the selection of new board members and officers, but where does the board election process actually begin? For a nonprofit organization with a traditional board structure, the answer should be easy – in the bylaws. For any nonprofit board, effective bylaws provide the guidelines for candidate eligibility and selection as well…

Successful Board Chair
March 27, 2016

Tips from the Hot Seat: How to be a Better Board Chair

When the executive director of a sizeable nonprofit organization mentioned his board chair had stopped speaking to him, I was speechless. For the third time in as many years, I had heard the same confession from a nonprofit executive and was reminded how personal board leadership is. And how precarious the board chair/chief executive relationship…

Ideal Exit For A Nonprofit Executive
February 25, 2016

The Ideal Exit of the Nonprofit Executive

To pay or not to pay? That is the question…which heated up a surprisingly emphatic conversation between two longtime colleagues and consultants in nonprofit leadership. On the topic of severance pay for nonprofit executives, each of us was unwaveringly correct, confidently justified, and temporarily naïve. Now, having compared actual experiences that challenged our philosophical approaches,…

Dawning Of The Tech-savvy Board
February 23, 2016

The Dawning of the Tech-Savvy Board

Technology changes faster than boards do. (Well, technology changes faster than most things do. And boards tend to change slowly, so it stands to reason.) But today’s boards of directors have more reason than ever to keep pace. New tools,…

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