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Free Your Board to Focus on Your Mission

BoardEffect is the leading board portal solution for volunteer leadership worldwide. The system is used by over 2,200 boards representing more than 62,000 board members at over 950 healthcare systems/hospitals, colleges/universities, associations, foundations, nonprofits, and companies.  Accessible via your favorite web-browser and via our free iPad app, BoardEffect streamlines board work and reduces risk by providing directors easy access to important information.

More than Just an Online Board Book

BoardEffect helps the board communicate and collaborate effectively, as well as improving the efficiency of organizing the board's work.  Creating the board packet becomes a simple task of dropping files into an online agenda, customized to fit the order of your board meetings.  Organizing meetings becomes simple with BoardEffect's RSVP tool -- administrators survey board members on dates that work for their schedules, and then select the most popular date with one click.  Committee and board collaboration becomes streamlined with online discussion, live chat, and voting tools.  BoardEffect is the one-stop-shop for your organization's governance work.

Use BoardEffect to Coordinate the Work of One Board, or Several

For governance professionals managing the work of more than one board of directors, BoardEffect offers two different approaches to help you streamline board work:

  • Multiple Boards in a Single Portal: if you are managing the work of 5 or fewer boards, and 10 or fewer committees, this option can work well for you.  Board members login to one portal, but have access to the appropriate board and committee workrooms where they can download meeting materials, see agendas, past minutes, and more.   
  • Mulitple Portals with a Single Sign-on: if you have 6 or more boards to manage, BoardEffect offers a single sign-on option for you to be able to access multiple portals.  Each board has its own unique portal, and you have the ability to access and post content across multiple portals.

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#1 Board Portal for Volunteer Leadership Worldwide

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